All About Oil Analysis

All About Oil Analysis
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Why Fluid Analysis?

What is unique about OAL?

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All About Oil Analysis
All About Oil Analysis
All About Oil Analysis


All about Oil Analysis

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Why oil analysis?

Oil analysis is a proven service that is saving money for customers just like you all over the world by keeping your machinery running for longer. Put simply we detect early wear like this in your oil and more importantly the causes of wear like contamination. All About Oil Analysis

This means you see less catastrophic failures like these...

All About Oil Analysis

All About Oil Analysis

... And catch them earlier so they can be repaired early which can cost you up to 60% less than repairing after a failure. What's more the true benefits comes in that you have less machinery downtime which can reduce downtime costs by up to 90%.

  1. It allows you to identify faults and repair them before a failure – This can save you 60% in repair costs alone compared to repairs after a failure.
  2. Reduce power/fuel consumption and improving your carbon footprint – if your machine is in peak condition then great, but the likelihood is that will not always be the case. With fuel and energy being two large inescapable costs for your business finding ways to reduce inefficiency such as fuel leaks on your vehicles can reduce your energy costs and improve your carbon footprint.
  3. Reduces unplanned downtime - this is the most widely known benefit and where huge returns on investment up to 10 times higher than the cost of impmenting the programme. If your machinery not working is a problem then you need oil analysis.
  4. Improves your reputation with clients – this may seem strange at first but if your machinery working is critical to your business operations when it fails it can mean you are unable to deliver to your clients, which in turn can damage your clients' confidence in the robustness of your service. Oil analysis helps head off potential PR disasters before they happen. Equally if you are involved in supplying machinery lubricants, filtration, cleaning or repair services what better way to prove your value to your clients than with a before and after sample.
  5. Reduces over maintenance and reduces lubricant costs – this ensures components / lube replacements happen only when needed. In fact 85% of all oil changes are done at the wrong time when not using oil analysis, so you could be pouring money away with each unecessary oil change.
  6. Reduces wastage or build-up of intermediate items in manufacturing – if the last stage of your production process fails then you risk build-up of intermediate or perishable stock that cannot be converted to your end product. In food production facilities for instance this can mean loss of entire stock inventories whilst waiting for a repair.
  7. Improves safety – you can't put a cost on safety, but if something saves you money and can improve safety all the better. Oil analysis helps spot machinery faults and fire risks so they can be corrected before they lead to loss of life. In fact many governing and industry bodies recommend oil sampling for safety in:
  • Offshore and Mining to reduce fire risk with flammable products nearby and test lubricant fire resistance.
  • Construction to reduce risk of uncontrolled hydraulic machinery movements.
  • Rail and Road to reduce risks to passengers of fires, crashes and de-railment.
  • Marine to ensure ships can be controlled safely at sea to avoid capsizing or running aground when attempting to enter ports.
  • Metal working to ensure fluid does not become contaminated leading to microbial growth and potential operator skin and breathing problems.
  • Metal casting and quenching - confirms when using quenching or cooling oils there is not an explosion risk.
  • Safety equipment - Lifeboats and backup generators at a hospital are key pieces of equipment and end users usually make testing to confirm in serviceable condition mandatory.
Why does Oil Analysis Laboratories offer superior Lube Analysis than other labs?

Apart from our passion for helping our customers to succeed and extensive experience, Oil Analysis Laboratories has developed a new method called LubeWear to accurately detect abnormal wear metals in your oil before other traditional methods. Watch the video below to find out more.

Who are the Oil Analysis Laboratories Team?

Our laboratory team is one of the most experienced and well established Oil Condition Monitoring teams in the Europe - consisting over 50 years experience and a wealth of industry knowledge.

Watch the below video to find out more about Oil Analysis Laboratories values and history of the team.

Based at our state of the art facility, we are well respected oil analysis experts having travelled all over the world delivering training and consultancy to lubricant, fuel and equipment manufacturers, government and trade bodies as well as consulting on multi million warranty and root cause analysis cases. It is no underestimation to say oil analysis is in our blood and a high quality diagnosis and excellent support go hand in hand with every oil sample purchased.

Our dynamic and customer focussed team realise what is at stake when your machinery is on the line and we never forget who is relying on us.

So do not hesitate to Contact the oil analysis lab for which failure is not an option! Use the link above or the icon on the bottom right to start chatting.

Do you offer any free training / learning materials on Oil Analysis?

Yes, as well as our paid training programmes, our sister site Learn Oil Analysis offers free resources on oil analysis should we have peaked your interest to find out more.

You may also be interested in our paid training courses too, especially our new online training programme Lubrication the essentials, which you can watch a video introduction to the course below.

If you would like to find out more about our training courses then you can do so by clicking here.

How simple is it to take an oil sample?


All About Oil Analysis

Very simple. If you know how to check your oil level you will have no problems in taking an oil sample. If you don't feel comfortable in checking your oil level or just want some extra help watch our tutorial video on how to take an oil sample. We also supply all the sampling equipment too available for purchase on our website.

How much money can you save with Oil Analysis?

Oil analysis helps save you money by reducing serious failures, keeping your machines running for longer, improving machine productivity and reducing oil and fuel wastage. The calculator below this FAQ which takes 3 minutes to complete will be able to tell you how much you could be saving.

Where are you located and how do I find you?

Oil Analysis Laboratories is located at:

Unit 5 Creamery Business Park

Station Road, Mochdre

Colwyn Bay, LL28 5EF, UK.

If you have the google maps app installed on your phone then scan this code below to be navigated to our laboratory.

All About Oil Analysis

I need your company details to set you up on our supplier portal

You can find all the details you should require to be able to set us up as a supplier and make BACS payments below.

Make Oil Analysis your new supplier for oil analysis with these details.

Why has your logo got Ca Fe OAL Al Si on the bottom?

All About Oil Analysis

For those amongst you, with a curious mind - CaFe does not read CAFE - but refers to the chemical elements Calcium and Iron. Calcium - an oil Detergent additive and Fe is the chemical symbol for Iron (the most common wear metal).

For those still interested - the bearing represents the letter “O” - the two pistons form the letter “A” and the microscope to us is the letter “L”. Together reading our company name - OAL - Oil Analysis Laboratories and that we look at the microscopic wear particles from components such as bearings and pistons.

The final two symbols Al and Si are the chemical symbols for Aluminium and Silicon - the main constituents of Dirt - the most harmful material to enter any lubricated system.

All icons pointing to WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE CHECK every time to protect your machinery.

1. Confirm the right oil is in use with the right types of additives.

2. Is it still serviceable or contaminated.

3. Is the machine showing any signs of abnormal wear

4. If so - then why?...and What Remedial Action you are recommended to carry out

FYI directs you to this page - although we guess it may automatically re-direct you mind towards a strong tea or coffee instead. Which you will always be offered at any of our training courses on oil analysis.

Hopefully it also served its purpose - to get you curious enough to ask - Who we are and how we can help you!

Cost Savings

How much could oil analysis save me?

Fill in your details and watch your savings grow.



Thanks, we will contact you soon to discuss how you could begin a sampling programme and start saving .

Costs of Sampling

This section will predict the expected costs of sampling.

Hint: What industry do you operate in?

Hint: Do you already use oil analysis?

Hint: A machine counts as one unit e.g. truck, car, boat, digger....or on large factories, marine vessels, powerstation or rigs then use number of lube systems.


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Oil Costs

Hint: How many litres of oil do you change typically per year for all assets?

Hint: How much per litre do you spend on oil. If different costs for different lubes, please use the typical price.

Hint: What is the typical amount of oil added or changed? If a mix of asset types then use most common volume change.

Hint: Typical hourly rate for full time employees performing oil change / topup tasks.

Typical number of hours to complete the usual oil change.


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Downtime Costs

Calculating downtime savings that can be made.

How high is the danger to people if the machine fails in service e.g. a brake fluid failure would be considered high risk.

Average monthly sales revenue for the business/department using this equipment.

Hint: Average monthly direct costs (e.g. wages, rent, utilities, consumables, fuel etc) for your business.

Hint: How many full shifts does your machinery operate per day (8 hours a day is 1 shift, 16 hours a day is 2 and 24 hours a day is 3).

Number of failures causing >4 hours shutdown in the last 12 months.

Hint: Average cost of major failures in parts and labour. If unsure use threshold of £2000 minimum as a guide.

Hint: Average length of time the machine not working in hours.

Hint: How many occassions have you had a machine not working between 1 and 4 hours in the last 3 months?

Hint: How long on average have the minor failures been in hours - max 4 as >4 goes into serious failures.)

Hint: Average cost in £GBP to repair a small failure in terms of the new parts and labour.

Hint: In last 12 months how many Penalties & refunds have your business incurred to rectify being unable to deliver to your customers through machinery operations not being optimal.


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Estimated saving being lost from the bottom line.

The money you could be saving each year with oil analysis is:

Please enter your email if you would like to understand further how you could be making these savings with oil analysis.

Feel free to add any questions or comments and we will be happy to assist you.


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Find out how to stop losing and start saving...

Our Business Vision, Values & Objectives

Learn more about what we value as a business here.

Our commitment to Quality

We are committed to delivering you the best quality on every sample. Find out more about our commitment to you here.

Our commitment to safety and environmentally clean operations

We are green at heart and truly care about reducing the environmental impact machinery makes. Fluid analysis helps reduce machinery impact on the environment making fluid analysis a very low carbon profession. However, we are always striving to do better and you can find out more here.

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