Lubewear Go App

LubeWear Go

The future of oil analysis convenience, now in the palm of your hand. Imagine if the powerful features of could travel with you, transforming tedious data entry into a simple scan and go. Say hello to the LubeWear Go app, dedicated to making your oil analysis as seamless as possible.

Bottle QR code scans

With our application, you no longer need to type in bottle barcodes. Just a simple scan of your sample bottle’s qr code, and you’re ready to go.

Best of the Best

We’ve also taken all best features of and combined them with this innovative scanning technology to create a user-friendly, efficient solution for all your oil analysis needs. Track your samples at every stage from bottle fill up to report download.

Powerful knowledgebase with LubeWear Go Assist

We have also added the entire knowledge of into the app both as learning materials to read whenever you need. We have gone one step further with a built-in AI assistant you can ask to explain tests, show you tutorial videos, explain a feature of the app or portal, check if a sample is ready and much more 24/7. All backed up by our dedicated customer support just one tap away to speak to on the phone or email if you need that extra help at any time.

Why are you still reading and not downloading?

Streamline your work, save time, and eliminate potential errors. Why wait? Start the journey towards effortless oil analysis. Your pocket-sized powerhouse is just a click away. Go on. Go download the app now.