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Costs of Sampling

This section will predict the expected costs of sampling.

Hint: What industry do you operate in?

Hint: Do you already use oil analysis?

Hint: A machine counts as one unit e.g. truck, car, boat, digger....or on large factories, marine vessels, powerstation or rigs then use number of lube systems.


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Oil Costs

Hint: How many litres of oil do you change typically per year for all assets?

Hint: How much per litre do you spend on oil. If different costs for different lubes, please use the typical price.

Hint: What is the typical amount of oil added or changed? If a mix of asset types then use most common volume change.

Hint: Typical hourly rate for full time employees performing oil change / topup tasks.

Typical number of hours to complete the usual oil change.


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Downtime Costs

Calculating downtime savings that can be made.

How high is the danger to people if the machine fails in service e.g. a brake fluid failure would be considered high risk.

Average monthly sales revenue for the business/department using this equipment.

Hint: Average monthly direct costs (e.g. wages, rent, utilities, consumables, fuel etc) for your business.

Hint: How many full shifts does your machinery operate per day (8 hours a day is 1 shift, 16 hours a day is 2 and 24 hours a day is 3).

Number of failures causing >4 hours shutdown in the last 12 months.

Hint: Average cost of major failures in parts and labour. If unsure use threshold of £2000 minimum as a guide.

Hint: Average length of time the machine not working in hours.

Hint: How many occassions have you had a machine not working between 1 and 4 hours in the last 3 months?

Hint: How long on average have the minor failures been in hours - max 4 as >4 goes into serious failures.)

Hint: Average cost in £GBP to repair a small failure in terms of the new parts and labour.

Hint: In last 12 months how many Penalties & refunds have your business incurred to rectify being unable to deliver to your customers through machinery operations not being optimal.


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Estimated saving being lost from the bottom line.

The money you could be saving each year with oil analysis is:

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