Training with Oil Analysis Laboratories

Are you interested in training with Oil Analysis Laboratories to help you understand fluid and condition monitoring even better? If so, you will find we have a wealth of resources to help you on your learning journey.

Free Training Resources

First of all, we have hundreds of free training materials on Oil Analysis at our free training portal set up by our founder. We are constantly adding new training material here, so it’s worthwhile checking out this site.

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Paid Training Courses

Suppose you are looking for something more formal, we have dedicated online and classroom training courses to give you that extra bit of knowledge on lubrication analysis and management. These work well as part of any continuous professional development and consolidate knowledge from other classroom courses, so these courses can act as primer courses or recap courses before going on formal lubrication analysis certification exams.

Having been developed by former ISO18436 training instructors, the courses have been designed to address common pitfalls students miss in formal training programmes and with extra attention to some of the most common hard-to-grasp concepts and some more practical aspects of understanding modern oil analysis concepts.

We also have written copious practice questions for you to try to help identify where to focus your extra revision before any formal examinations.

Our online training course is the most comprehensive we have come across in the marketplace, and we also offer a 1-day classroom training course to complement the online training programme should you wish to have one, but the online course can be taken as a standalone course too. You can find out more about our training below or if you are already on the training course, you can access your content below too.

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